The Summer of Love Project

Photo by Caro Wallis

So, I had been wanting to blog again but had kinda lost my mojo.  A friend had recommended to me a great little e-book on 31 ways to find your blogging mojo but fear had set in.  I just couldn’t seem to find the inspiration.

Then, over the last few weeks, it’s been really clear to me that I could do with a bit of an overhaul in the love department.  And, by that, I mean that I wasn’t really living in accord with my stated purpose in the world, to overcome my fears through a more profound and active expression of love.  I knew I needed to get a whole lot deeper in exploring this for me to move forward in many areas of my life.

Then, this week I’ve been blessed to be reminded of The Greatest Thing in the World, a wonderful exposition by Henry Drummond on that most famous treatise on Love, St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, a favourite reading at weddings, no matter what your religious persuasion.  It’s a wonderfully rich reminder of the qualities that go into the ‘prism’ of love: patience, kindness, generosity, humility, courtesy, unselfishness, good temper, guilelessness and sincerity.

So, with this remarkable essay as fuel for thought, I’m feeling lead to share with you my own journey in exploring this topic this summer, and getting back into my blogging as a way to do this!

And, as further inspiration, I’m also looking forward to embarking on my first proper summer of weddings!  Having lived abroad for most of my adult life, and with many of my peers only starting to tie the knot, I’m looking forward to no less than three summer weddings: Kari and Torkel in Sweden, Jess and Dicky in Bristol and Eleanor and Nathan in Cambridge.  So, I thought this might also be a perfect opportunity to get deeper in my thinking about what this whole love thing is really about.

Photo attributed to matley0 Marco Abis

Of course, romantic love is but one expression of Love with a capital L, and I look forward to blogging about all forms of it’s expression, but it’s a great starting point, I think, and I’m excited to share and witness my friends embarking on the exciting adventures in love that marriage provides.

So, with the larger theme of this blog in mind, of overcoming fear through Love, please join me in my ‘Summer of Love’ blogging by sharing your own insights and inspirations too!

Love, Caroline xxx

Published by Caroline Watson

Founder of Hua Dan, a China-based social enterprise that uses the power of participation in theatre as a tool for personal and social transformation. Young Global Leader 2011 of the World Economic Forum. Writer, speaker and entrepreneur.

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