We need to talk about Love

We need to talk about Love.  Love as the defining force of our lives, and of the world. Love as the driver of the higher order thinking we need to effect change in this world.  Love as the only foundation of all the issues our world is confronting right now. We need to ensure each... Continue Reading →

In search of moral leadership

In a recent interview to promote her new book, Becoming, Michelle Obama talked about the pressure of maintaining the moral leadership of the country during her husband’s presidency.  The conversation was sparked by Stephen Colbert commenting that Franklin D Roosevelt was quoted as saying that this was really the role of a president, to provide... Continue Reading →

Love not Fear

Our world is calling out for more love.  That will be the only antidote to fear.   When we allow something more expansive to take place in our heart.   When we stop to listen to ourselves and our self-serving agendas, our narrow focuses on our own best interests and take a larger view of... Continue Reading →

Getting France to say ‘yes and….’

In improvisational theatre, there’s a game that practitioners play called ‘Yes and…’.  The idea is that someone starts telling a story, and each person goes around the circle and builds on the idea or suggestion of the previous person.   “Let’s go to the beach!”   “Yes, and we can go surfing!”   “Yes, and... Continue Reading →

Beyond Tolerance

A few months ago I was invited to give a talk at the London School of Economics as part of a day-long conference ‘Beyond Tolerance: Citizenship, Diversity, Constructive Conflict’. The conference had been organised in the wake of the Brexit and Trump vote in an attempt to understand how the polls and political climate could... Continue Reading →

Is China ready for global leadership?

  Much was made of President Xi Jing Ping’s address at Davos a few weeks back, extolling the virtues of globalisation in the face of increasing isolationism from Western governments.  Davos participants and the press made much of the ironies that such endorsement should come from the world’s largest communist party, marvelling at the extraordinary... Continue Reading →

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