I see things differently now

I see things differently now


The veil has lifted

The fog has cleared

The view of myself now clear


Simplicity, Truth

A vision of the future

I see things differently now


There was a time

A time before

Confusion was my master


Fears dragged me down



And never brought me through


But now it’s clear

The reason why

My history but a dream


I find myself

Secure and free

Walking along the shore


The tide is out

The salt air fresh

Horizons stretching far


It is Love’s wish

That I am free

I know this truth right now


© Caroline Watson April 2012

Published by Caroline Watson

Founder of Hua Dan, a China-based social enterprise that uses the power of participation in theatre as a tool for personal and social transformation. Young Global Leader 2011 of the World Economic Forum. Writer, speaker and entrepreneur. www.carolinewatson.org

One thought on “I see things differently now

  1. Me too, Caroline. I also experienced some radical transformations in my life and now I feel that same freedom you so beautifully describe. I like the way you write and identify myself with your blogs. Looking forward for new posts!

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