Paris burns in flames – the ‘gilets jaunes’ and the need for a revolution of the heart

Paris burns in flames, the image of a ‘gilets jaunes’ (yellow vest) waving the Tricolour as the street behind him erupts into fire, emulating that most famous images of Marianne on the barricades of the French Revolution.  One might almost find it comical were it not for the fear that has engulfed the streets of … More Paris burns in flames – the ‘gilets jaunes’ and the need for a revolution of the heart

Love not Fear

Our world is calling out for more love.  That will be the only antidote to fear.   When we allow something more expansive to take place in our heart.   When we stop to listen to ourselves and our self-serving agendas, our narrow focuses on our own best interests and take a larger view of … More Love not Fear

Beyond Tolerance

A few months ago I was invited to give a talk at the London School of Economics as part of a day-long conference ‘Beyond Tolerance: Citizenship, Diversity, Constructive Conflict’. The conference had been organised in the wake of the Brexit and Trump vote in an attempt to understand how the polls and political climate could … More Beyond Tolerance

Is China ready for global leadership?

  Much was made of President Xi Jing Ping’s address at Davos a few weeks back, extolling the virtues of globalisation in the face of increasing isolationism from Western governments.  Davos participants and the press made much of the ironies that such endorsement should come from the world’s largest communist party, marvelling at the extraordinary … More Is China ready for global leadership?

Wake up France!

When I moved to France 6 years ago after 7 years of living in China, I got to know a young Chinese woman who managed the Louis Vuitton branch on the ground floor of Galeries Lafayette in Paris.  Married to a Frenchman and having lived here many years, she recounted to me how Chinese customers … More Wake up France!

Why the world needs more feminine leadership

When I first started working in the area of international development, the issue that most drew my attention was that of the plight of women in emerging economies who suffered oppression at the hands of patriarchal societies. Women are by far and away the largest oppressed group in the world still today and most likely … More Why the world needs more feminine leadership