Social innovation and entrepreneurship

This is an exciting time for changemakers in today’s world.  Never before has there been such an interest in applying creative, entrepreneurial solutions to some of the world’s most intractable problems, coupled with a groundswell of support to enable those solutions to bring about real, meaningful change.

Artists and cultural creatives have new ways of thinking and doing that can add enormous value to how we approach these solutions.  Additionally, as many economies move away from an industrial-economy towards a knowledge or innovation-based economy, the call for artists to add new value to this discussion has never been greater.

As Eric Friedenwald-Fishman asks in an article in Stanford Social Innovation Review ‘No Art? No social change.  No innovation economy.’

“Are we fostering the imaginative capacity to compete? We are faced with cataclysmic food, fuel and water issues if we do not address our reliance on a carbon economy. But are we sparking the creative thinking to find new technologies and new ways to work with nature? We have a dramatically changing population that is shifting the demographics of voters, students, workers, and leaders. Do we have the multicultural humility and the cultural context to leverage this change as an asset?”

It is artists who have the ability to shift thought and move us in the direction of new possibilities for a better world.

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