Achieving personal transformation through the arts

(originally published at  I have seen the transformative power of working from a view of the world that places love at the heart of our actions and the power of the arts to facilitate this experience. In the last 10 years, I have witnessed the extraordinary power, courage and tenacity of a group of … More Achieving personal transformation through the arts


A little boy playing around, rather exuberantly threw his coat at me, incurring the wrath of grandma and a forced apology to me. Later that evening, he refused to talk to me, no longer wishing to be part of the bedtime story routine, sulking under his duvet, trying to push me out of the door. … More Forgiveness

Loving it forward

I had been reflecting recently on how my commitment to living a life of love not fear too often focuses more on the fear part!  Weeding out of my thinking and acting those limitations that threaten to drag me down has been crucial in my journey in realizing this vision but I now feel increasingly … More Loving it forward

I see you

I see you Not as others see you But you Totally you You as you really are   I see you Not as an assortment of personality, characteristics and traits But you as the expression of the divine Evidence of the true idea, shining into my life   I see you Not the fears, the … More I see you

The Christmas Story

I’ve been thinking about Mary and Joseph a lot recently.  Especially Joseph who doesn’t always get that much press in the Christmas story but who, I’m reflecting, had a critical role to play in the events that unfolded. In thinking about Mary, I’ve been reflecting on the quality of her receptivity to the inspiration that … More The Christmas Story