What are you seeing?

Love is a way of seeing. So often, we love only that which presents itself.  If someone is kind and considerate, gentle and affectionate, it is easy to love them back.  But I’m learning that true love is the kind that chooses always to see the man and women of Love’s creating, no matter whatContinue reading “What are you seeing?”

The Summer of Love Project

So, I had been wanting to blog again but had kinda lost my mojo.  A friend had recommended to me a great little e-book on 31 ways to find your blogging mojo but fear had set in.  I just couldn’t seem to find the inspiration. Then, over the last few weeks, it’s been really clearContinue reading “The Summer of Love Project”

I see things differently now

I see things differently now   The veil has lifted The fog has cleared The view of myself now clear   Simplicity, Truth A vision of the future I see things differently now   There was a time A time before Confusion was my master   Fears dragged me down Unsure Unsafe And never broughtContinue reading “I see things differently now”

L’Amour et rien d’autre *

Love, and nothing else   That’s all that’s left here now The fear has gone The shadows fled There’s nothing left of ‘me’   All self surrendered Anxiety set free I count my blessings as the sun has set And wake to the dawn of a new day   Love, and nothing else There’s nothingContinue reading “L’Amour et rien d’autre *”

The Christmas Story

I’ve been thinking about Mary and Joseph a lot recently.  Especially Joseph who doesn’t always get that much press in the Christmas story but who, I’m reflecting, had a critical role to play in the events that unfolded. In thinking about Mary, I’ve been reflecting on the quality of her receptivity to the inspiration thatContinue reading “The Christmas Story”

Ten reasons to date an entrepreneur

1 – Their sense of possibility.  To date someone who accepts no limitations means that there is no end to how much they are capable of loving you. 2 – They see things in ways that others don’t and understand the power of thought and faith to offer an entirely fresh and inspiring view ofContinue reading “Ten reasons to date an entrepreneur”