State of grace

I’ve been thinking a lot about grace recently.  Grace as a concept of forgiveness, redemption, of righting past wrongs and moving forward At the same time, I have been working to better understand ideas about beauty in relation to this idea of grace.  As a creative person and spiritual thinker, I see beauty and graceContinue reading “State of grace”

Spirituality and Mindful Leadership in Myanmar

At the upcoming Young Global Leaders Annual Summit at the World Economic Forum for East Asia in Myanmar (Burma), I, along with two of my colleagues, Shoukei Matsumoto and Thura Ko, will be running an Impact Journey on Spirituality and Mindful Leadership for our fellow YGLs. I was first inspired to propose a workshop on thisContinue reading “Spirituality and Mindful Leadership in Myanmar”

The Charter for Compassion

I had the privilege of attending a talk by the religious historian Karen Armstrong on her Charter for Compassion the other day in Paris. A former nun, Ms Armstrong is best known for her books on the major world religions.  In 2008, she received the TED prize and was asked to make one wish thatContinue reading “The Charter for Compassion”

The call for feminine leadership

A friend recently related to me a story of how a female colleague of hers, a brilliant and articulate public figure, had been completely overshadowed by the forceful persuasion techniques and aggressive stance of her male interlocuters on a televised debate.  She expressed disappointment in this as the seeming evidence of men’s greater power overContinue reading “The call for feminine leadership”

Does fear get us closer to love?

  I had lunch with a friend today who, when I told him the title of my blog and my interest in love and fear, shared with me that, when he was falling in love with his now-wife, a good friend of his suggested that this relationship might last because she scared him. This fascinatedContinue reading “Does fear get us closer to love?”

Achieving personal transformation through the arts

(originally published at  I have seen the transformative power of working from a view of the world that places love at the heart of our actions and the power of the arts to facilitate this experience. In the last 10 years, I have witnessed the extraordinary power, courage and tenacity of a group ofContinue reading “Achieving personal transformation through the arts”

L’Amour, pas la peur

Tout en jouant, un petit garçon exubérant  m’a jeté son manteau, s’attirant ainsi la colère de sa grand-mère, qui l’a obligé à s’excuser. Plus tard ce soir-là, il a refusé de me parler, et ne voulait plus se joindre à nous pour écouter comme d’habitude l’histoire du soir avant de se coucher. Il boudait sous saContinue reading “L’Amour, pas la peur”