Ten reasons to date an entrepreneur

1 – Their sense of possibility.  To date someone who accepts no limitations means that there is no end to how much they are capable of loving you.

2 – They see things in ways that others don’t and understand the power of thought and faith to offer an entirely fresh and inspiring view of a challenging situation.

3 – They know the true meaning of commitment and persistence to an idea – a love – far bigger than themselves.

4 – They attract and draw into their world new people, experiences and opportunities that make every day of being with them a continual adventure.

5 – Their vision for the world extends to a vision of long-term relationships and family life no less important than their cause, but as equal to and intrinsic to working together to contribute to the betterment of humanity.

6 – They have seen failure and know that it is never what defines a man or a woman.  It is their ability to get back up, with integrity, humility and service to a higher cause that builds the character and loyalty necessary for life-long commitment.

7 – They are passionate souls with tonnes of energy and a great love and lust for life…..and we know how important that is for the more, erm, intimate areas of a relationship…..!

8 – They know the value of partnership in getting things done, the power of teamwork necessary to build something of mutual value.

9 – They know how sometimes you just have to hang in there, work really hard and keep trusting the original love for the vision/person and what drew you to it/them in the first place……and it will turn out with way more blessings than you can imagine.

10 – They are visionaries who understand the power of love over fear.

About Caroline Watson

Founder of Hua Dan, a China-based social enterprise that uses the power of participation in theatre as a tool for personal and social transformation. Young Global Leader 2011 of the World Economic Forum. Writer, speaker and entrepreneur.
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17 Responses to Ten reasons to date an entrepreneur

  1. Harpreet says:

    Caroline thank you for this I love it! they say like attracts like, can two entrepreneurs successfully/happily date one another?! and is it ok to share this?! x

  2. This blog was written in response to an article a friend of mine posted yesterday:


    I wanted to put something more inspiring out there into the universe! What do you think? I look forward to your responses and feedback!

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  4. Please also see my new post on ‘Thinking Big’, following a friend’s response to this blog post.

  5. Marry one as I did and as did my wife and every single day is interesting and interested. It is amazing!

  6. bought tears in my eyes….🙂

  7. Shruti Syal says:

    It is also important to understand that few people can extend this passion to every aspect of their life. It is very difficult to live with such passion, it’s exhilarating, but exhausting. So the posse of traits such as fearlessness, foresight, endless persistence, physical capacity, and integrity, is there, but not with respect to everything in life, and not always. It draws out too much.

  8. Shankar Balachandran says:

    Pretty inspiring…Saves the lives of few men like us..:) Thank you..:0

  9. Shivku says:

    This stuff is poetry.

  10. This is great! I totally agree with the attributes that you mentioned above. A solid entrepreneur will definitely exhibit these qualities and will know how to manage the downside to not affect their personal relationships. A lot is to be said for the behavioral traits of us entrepreneurs🙂

  11. Meghashyam says:

    Superb! Stunning. I loved these two lines the most:

    Their sense of possibility. To date someone who accepts no limitations means that there is no end to how much they are capable of loving you.

    They know the true meaning of commitment and persistence to an idea – a love – far bigger than themselves.

    Thank you for the post, indeed.🙂

  12. I am really thankful to you for writing this………you have put words of many entrepreneurs like me……..

  13. Anandoham says:

    Lets just hope girls know that about US😉

  14. Great!! seriously it holds a value for an entrepreneur to date another entrepreneur!!! lovely!!

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